Inbetween 20Hz to 20.000Hz, from 350fps to 650fps.

I heard Orion is in our backyard

Stars are born within the clouds of dust and scattered throughout most galaxies. A familiar example of such as a dust cloud is the Orion Nebula. Turbulence deep within these clouds gives rise to knots with sufficient mass that the gas and dust can begin to collapse under its own gravitational attraction. As the cloud collapses, the material at the center begins to heat up. Known as a protostar, it is this hot core at the heart of the collapsing cloud that will one day become a star. -- by NASA, though I can't remember the exact source.

Yay, first post!

Well, this is considered as first blog posting. You have arrived, congratulation. This site is under heavy construction at the moment. So please be very patient as I make things into order.

Peace be upon the universe.

Date: July 11th at 2:55pm
Author: The Guardian of Galaxy
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